Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +119 – Radiation Treatment – Day:1


So today starts radiation treatment, oh joy…

10:00: I am up.

10:05: Normal routine, let Buster outside.

10:30: I jump into the shower.

10:40: I am out of the shower.

10:50: I am dressed and ready to go.  Both of my parents are off today, so they are driving me to my treatment today…

10:55: We head out the door.

11:05: I get to the Yenni Center and East Jefferson General Hospital.  Rita at the front desk gives me a card with my name and barcode on the back of the card.  She show me how to check myself in by scanning the barcode with the barcode scanner on the front desk and check that my name pops up on the screen.  I then go take my seat watching the fish in the fish tank while we wait…

11:10: They call my name and I head to the back.

11:15: IMAG0851They show me everything and lay me down on the table.  They then hook a mask over my face that was made last week by stretching a thin plastic netting over my face that hardened to the shape of my face.  This is to hold my head back during the procedure so that I do not move my head and get my mouth or other parts of my body in the way of the radiation field that is supposed to be treating my neck.  The nurse gives me a ring to hold on my stomach to keep my hands in place.  They then use the lasers to line me up with the two tattoo dots that I have on my chest that I got last week during the imaging processes.  Once lined up and the table raised to the proper number of 89 for me they then walk out the room closing the big door behind them.  I am the only one in the radiation treatment room and they can view everything through cameras.  The machine starts to move around me to line up the XRay machine over me and the receiver under me, it first takes a quick XRay to make sure I am lined up just right, and then adjusts the table I am on just right then it.  It then turns back so that the Radiation Source is over me.  You then hear the gears moving in the source to close off everything but the gap in which they want the radiation to pass through and hit me in only certain areas on the right chest and neck.  I then hear a clicking noise behind me that is a relay operating that activates the Radiation and hits me at that spot for 30 seconds.  Then the gears move again to move the opening to left side of my chest and neck, then the click of the relay closing for 30 seconds and then the click of the relay opening to stop the radiation.  Then the Radiation Source is spun all the way around so that it is under me and the same process happens again, the gears move to tune in where they want the radiation, I hear the click of the relay and the tone of the Radiation Source when active, and then the click of the relay opening.  Then the gears moving again to reposition itself for the last shot and then again the click of the relay and the tone for 30 seconds and then the click of the relay opening again and stopping the radiation and then the machine moves around me back into its beginning position.   At which point the nurses come in and take the mask off my head, the ring from my hands, and the knee pad from under my knees.  That’ it, I am done.

11:30: I put my medical tag around my neck again and head out to meet my parents to head back home.  It takes a few extra minutes the first time for setup and making sure everything is right, they said the as we get into a routine the setup process will be the same but happen much quicker.

11:45: I head back home.

12:00: IMAG0850I head out in one of my parents cars to meet a client.  My van is out of commission with it leaking when it rains, too much of a possibility of mold growing from when it leaks when it rains.

12:15: I arrive at the client and do a quick walk through. We realize that half of what wants to happen is already setup on a separate network, so we do not have to create that separate network.  The next step is to figure out what is needed to hang 2 large screen TVs to act as advertising panels and what is needed to run them.  We run through all the specs, and I tell him that I will email him an estimate once I can compute everything and contact a few dealers for what I need.

1:00: Back home…  I eat a Hamburger PoBoy.  Good stuff, I have a great appetite 🙂

1:30: I head over to my office, to check things out.

1:45: At my office.  Time to catch up on some more administrative things, mail, bills, oh joy…

5:30: Time to head home…

6:00: I am home, grab a bite to eat, then to my computer at home to finish up some things I was working on at the office, but at home.

8:00: Done with that for now.  I take a break and play some Call of Duty 2 😛

10:00: Done playing for now.  I move to my room, lay on my bed, and continue doing a few minor thing with my laptop while watching TV…

11:00: Enough for me, just TV till I fall asleep..

11:15: Zzzzzzz

11:59: Another day gone 🙂 24 more more treatments to go…

© Craig