Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +12 !!! I GO HOME!!!

06/22/2013: Stem Cell Transplant Day +12 !!! I Go Home!!!

12:15: The vampire comes and take my blood for the usual blood test.

12:30: I knock out, tomorrow I get to go home, sleep will get tomorrow here faster 😛

6:30: I am awake.  Saturday, another round of The Rifleman since I am up early, and its my Dad’s show to watch, not much else on TV anyway this early on a Saturday morning.

6:50: Dr. Miller comes in and checks on me for her report to the doctor.  She says I should be discharged later today. YES!!!

7:45: The nurse comes in, vitals and blood sugar check.

8:10: Breakfast.  Not too appetizing, as its the same old hospital food.  I am happy with my ensure, I can’t wait to get home and eat some real food!

9:30: The doctor comes and visits.  She says I look like I am ready to go home.  She will put in the discharge paperwork.

10:30: The nurse comes and hooks up the final medicines that I have for here in the hospital.  Everything will be switched to pill form and I just need to pick it up from my local Pharmacy.

11:45: The meds are all done dripping.  I am unhooked from all my lines.  I still have the Picc line in my left arm, but I am free!  No more hookups to any machines.

12:30: Lunch arrives, I pick at it, but oh its the same thing I had the past 3 Saturdays…

12:45: The nurse arrives with the discharge papers and goes over all my medications I will be on when I get home.  Also anything I should look for and call the doctor or just come into the emergency room if I have any issues with the list of things she gives me.  Such as bleeding, fever over 100.4.

1:30: I get up out of bed, put on my mask, and sit in the chair.  The nurse is wheeling me out of there.  Over to the Saratoga garage we go.  My dad pulls the CRV up, and I out of the wheel chair I pop.  I slowly walk a few steps and gladly sit down in a vehicle again.

1:40: We are out of there.

2:00: I arrive home.  My sisters are home and so is my Bro in Law.  How thoughtful, my bro in law got me some balloons, lol, princess balloons, oh well its a good laugh!  There is a sign up on the wall Welcome Home Craig.  It’s good to be home!  I still have my mask on, the only place for now that I will take my mask off is My Bathroom and My Room which is a spare room that only I am using.  I eat a few cookies, oh wow are they good!  I sit and talk for a little while.

3:00: Time for me to go get a bath!  I haven’t had a real bath or shower in 3 weeks.  I have had sponge down baths at the hospital while standing up, but that doesn’t count!  Sorry, I don’t have any pictures of that either, lol!  I can’t get a shower because of my Picc line.  I don’t need to get the dressing wet and have that start coming off.  Oh the other plus is I get to sit on a Real Toilet too!  No more sitting over a bucket to do my business.  That was getting old, the plastic was hard and painful, oh I don’t miss that place, nice cushioned toilet seat to sit on now!  I take care of business, and then get in the tub.  I just soak for 2 hours in the tub, I don’t feel like getting up, the nice warm water is so relaxing…

6:00: I am up and out of the tub.  I make it to my room and lay on the bed to relax.  I eat a little and then relax in bed, good to be home, in a real soft bed, with at least an 8-12 inch mattress, not the small 3 inch mattresses they have at the hospital that don’t offer any support and just a pain the butt and back!

10:00: I am going to turn in for the night.  No vampire tonight, peace and quiet!  Goodnight till tomorrow!

11:59: ZzZzZzZzZzZ

© Craig