Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +120 – Radiation Treatment – Day:2


9:00: I am up…

9:05: I bring Buster outside, and take a walk around the back yard.

9:15: I head back in.

9:30: I jump on the computer and take care of a few minor things.

10:15: My wife heads off to school…

10:45: I jump in the shower.

10:55: I jump out the shower.

11:00: I jump into my parent’s car and take that over to the Yenni Center for treatment.

11:11: IMAG0852I check in.

11:14: I am called to the back.

11:17: I lay on the table, same procedure as yesterday…  Today they do some measurements with a device placing it on my chest and on my back during the procedure.  Probably measuring the amount of radiation that is hitting me to make sure everything is within specs.

11:30: I am done, I am shown to a patient room where I will meet with Dr. Page once a week during my Radiation Treatment which will go on for 5 weeks…

12:00: I see Dr. Page and he goes over everything real quick with me.  He tells me he likes the treatment plan, and is very satisfied with the amount (little) that my heart is getting and is OK IMAG0854with the amount(a little more) that my lungs are getting.  He is concentrating on my neck, around my chest and right below my heart, wherever the pet scan masses were showing.

12:30: I am out of the Doctor’s office.  I head on over to my office to try to get back into the normal flow of things, but this won’t happen completely to all of these treatments are over with…

12:45: I am at my office.

5:00: I head home.

5:15: I grab a bite to eat.

6:00: I sit back and watch some TV. ZzZzZzZz I take a nap in the process.

IMAG08558:30: I am awake, I jump on my computer and check out a few things.

10:00: To bed I go, laying in bed on my laptop and watching TV.

11:00: I drift to sleep… ZzZzZzZ

11:59: Another day done..IMAG0856

© Craig