Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +156 – Radiation Treatment – Day:23 – Radiation Completion


8:30: Awaken by a phone call from a client, I take care of that quickly and I am up, can’t really go back to sleep.

9:15: I help my wife take off for school.

9:30: I take care of a few things from home.

10:30: Shower Time!

11:00: I head to my office to meet with a client.

11:50: The client gets to my office, I reset the password on their computer using a boot disk.

12:00: My wife calls me she has a flat on the middle median of the interstate at the I-10/I-610 split, so I finish up with the client so I can go help her.

12:15: I get to where my wife is at, right in the middle of the median where the traffic splits to go to I-10 or I-610.  I help her change her spare tire, stopping many times in between to catch my breath and just rest.  I don’t have the strength I used to, but no one else is going to change it…

1:00: We head on over to Sears Auto Center.

1:10: We get there and order to get 2 new rear tires, and for them to check her alignment since the alignment is still under warranty, and may as well since they are going to have it in their possession anyway.

1:25: We leave and head on over to EJGH, I am pretty much exhausted, but I am doing ok since this is my last treatment!

1:30: I check in.

1:33: I get called to the back.  They set me up, the machine goes around me, hits me from two angles and then I am done with the treatment.

1:40:  I keep my mask to hang on my wall at the office, and they also give me a certificate of completion.  I am done.  I’ll check back with them in a month…

2:00: My wife and I head over to my office.

2:20: We get to the office, and back with some administration work I start, catching up as I haven’t been here for a few days.

6:00: The car is ready so we head over to pick it up.

6:30: We are back home.  I eat some supper, a good Italian dish that a friend of the family has made.

8:00: I am laying in bed exhausted.  I do a few things on my laptop, but mainly just watch TV.

10:00: ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz……….

11:59: Another day done!


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