Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +179 – PORT REMOVAL!

12/06/2013:  My 4th Wedding Anniversary, what a way to celebrate my wife said… She’ll be holding this over my head!

10:00: I am up.  Time to get this port out of my chest…

10:30: I shave my face and head as I don’t want to bother with a hairnet or anything else for the surgery, and I want my smooth look again, and I have not touched it since the radiation started because of the skin being raw from around my neck from the radiation.

10:50: Into the shower I go, I scrub down with Antibacterial Dial Soap as instructed for the layer of protection against infection…

11:05: Out the shower.

11:15: All dressed… Time to head to the surgery center with my wife and mom.

11:30: We arrive at the surgery center, I sign in and we sit and wait.

11:50: I am called to the back.  Brittany takes my vitals has me get into a lovey surgery gown, and on a wing and a prayer gets my IV started just as she was about to give up on her first stick on me.

12:00: The doc comes and sees me before the procedure, we go over everything quickly as its a fairly simple, slice me open, pull out the port, and superglue me back together along with some steri strips..

12:15: I am given a nice little cocktail into my IV, I don’t feel it affect me too much as they roll me into the operating room.  The nurse tells me no worries, she will give me some more…

1:00: I am done with the surgery.  I wake up, never remember falling asleep…  I asked them how it went and how bad was the bleeding, they said everything went fine and I was going to be rolled back to the room and just watched for about a half hour before preparing to leave.

1:15: The doc comes and see me again and tells me how everything went and wished me the best on my journey through this rough patch…

2:00: We are home.  I am still feeling the effects of the anesthesia, but sure enough you will find me by a computer just looking at a few different things, not doing any real work, just some easy work 😛

5:00: Supper time.  BBQ hamburgers stuffed with cheese inside, yummy.

6:00: I just sit go lay in bed and take the rest of the day easy watching TV with my wife, as it is our anniversary, and if I don’t spend any time with her today, I won’t hear the end of it…  To bad this time is half in it half out of it, as I am half watching TV, half dozing off, half talking to her, just recovering…

7:00: I doze off completely.

9:30: I am awake, back to watching some more TV and some more talking.  I am not in the mood to be on a computer or doing anything else, so just relaxing for me…

11:30: Goodnight!

11:59: Another wonderful day done!


© Craig