Stem Cell Transplant: Day: -5


12:15: The nurse comes in for my nightly bloodwork.  She hooks up to my picc line and pulls out a throw away syringe of blood, and then she pulls out a syringe to fill up to vials of blood for testing.

1:00: My wife is getting tired and decides it is time for her to head home.  We are not allowed to have any visitors stay the night unless we are confused and unaware of our surroundings.

2:00: I turn in for the night.  I take one last urinal break, and then I am laying in bed under the hospital covers.  I have my A/C set on 55, but the coldest it gets in my room at night is 68.0

4:00: I am awaken back up for my vital signs to be taken.  I am also told to hop out of bed and jump on the scale, 255.0.

4:05: I am back in bed dozing back off.

6:00: My last dose 16/16 of Busuflax is administered to me 🙂  All done this chemo!

7:15: I am awaken by the fellow who is coming in to check my breathing, any aches, pains, or discomfort to report back to the doctor before she makes her round with the doctor in a few hours.  I ask her about the hiccuping, she says she will look into the thorazine and make sure it is being administered.  I am feeling a little tired, and doze back off.

8:15: Brad is my nurse today.  I get my breakfast, eggs, bacon, muffin, not bad.  I eat my breakfast and still a little tired and mellowed out so I doze back off.

9:45: Dr. Safah and the fellow come in.  They say they are going to start watching my blood glucose numbers because they are starting to rise on the nightly readings.  This is normal with anyone going through this type of procedure as the combination of the steroids and the chemo make the body’s ability to maintain its blood glucose levels to a normal level almost impossible.

10:00: I start to doze back off after the doctor leaves.  A very common side affect of high blood glucose is being tired.  It is hitting me good.

12:00: The nurse takes me up and tells me he is about to take my blood glucose level.  He takes it and find out it is about 388.  Pretty high and would explain why I am so tired.  He tells me he is going to get some long lasting insulin.

12:10: The nurse gives me 10 units of the long lasting insulin, and a few units of short term insulin to go with my meal.  He then serves me my meal.  It is fish, yellow rice, a dinner roll, and some cake.

12:45: I finish up eating, and just lay in bed.  The sugars are starting to hit me again, I can feel it.  I start dozing back off.

1:00: My wife shows up to check on me.  No one has been able to contact me all day on the phone, as I have been sleeping most if not all the day.

4:00: The nurse wakes me up for some further vital signs and blood glucose check.  The glucose is about 315, and my vitals show I am still alive.

4:15: The nurse comes back with some more short term insulin before I get my supper.

4:30: I get supper.  It is BBQ chicken, yellow rice, greens, and jello.

5:15: I am done eating.  I brush my teeth and get everything ready for the evening.

5:45: I am laying back in bed.  I start dozing back off pretty quickly.

6:15: My parents show up, I know they are here, but too tired to really care at this point.  LOL  I am just out of it.

8:30: My wife and parents head on out.  I am just going to sleep the night away!

9:00: I take some more blood glucose numbers when the nurse wakes me up, and then I get some more insulin, then right back off to sleep.

11:59: Still sleeping, a great day of rest right here…..


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