Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +53


1:30: Out the bath.

2:00: In bed, TV on in the background, just wanting to fall asleep but can’t get comfortable.

5:00: My dad hears me tossing and turning and comes and checks on me, but just an uncomfortable night.

5:20: Hear we go, morning vitals again.  Temp 98, Blood Pressure, Glucose 108.  My mom injects my Lovenox shot into my left side my stomach.  I couldn’t give myself these shots even if I wanted to.  The stick hurts, and then the medicine burns…

5:30: I take one of my many medications.

5:40: I grab two rice krispy treats.

5:50: I am back in bed, time to go back to sleep after my daily morning torture.

11:10: I am up and out of bed.  I turn on my computer, hit the bathroom, and grab two more rice krispy treats.

11:20: I am on my computer checking email, responding to emails, following up on more things with clients.

12:00: I am hungry and go warm up some left over shrimp lo mein from last night.

12:30: Done the lo mein, now just back to working on the computer.

1:15: Done with working on stuff for now.  I log into here and start catching up on all my missing days, just creating post to be filled in later as I catch up.

2:00: Done creating all the missing posts, now updating today. Oops forgot to take my 10AM medicines, I take my 10 and 2 together…

4:00: Just working on a few things from the house, my wife is at the office taking care of a few things there.

5:00: I eat some yellow rice and vegetables my wife cooked, very good!

6:00: I watch ny dad prep everything to fry some catfish. Since Doc said I could have seafood yesterday, I wanted some mild fried catfish. He cuts the fish fillets into 4 and throws them in Louisiana hot sauce to soak. He then puts the fish fry in a pan all while waiting for the oil to heat up. He then transfers the fish, a few pieces at a time, to the fish fry and batters them up. Then into the hot oil they go.

6:45: I am eating the fresh hot fish as he takes them out the oil. Best way to eat them, nice and hot, and the perfect amount of spice as well. Piece after piece I eat.

8:30: I am done eating. Nice and full. Haven’t been this full in a while. Takes a while to fry fish a few pieces at a time at home in a shallow pot with oil. I move to the Lazyboy to watch Unstoppable.

10:00: Off to get a bath to relax. Of course I have my laptop and type up a few business plans and ideas I have had in my head for a while. Things to work on while I am still recovering.

11:59: Another day done with.

© Craig