Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +54


12:30: Into bed I go.  I take my vitals, and turn on the TV and relax.

1:30: ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz

6:00: I am awaken for vitals, and more importantantly my Lovenox shot.

6:30:  Back to sleep I go.

11:00:  I am awaken to take my 10:00 meds.  Pancakes were made early and mine are just rewarmed.

11:30:  I just feel tired.  I go lay back down in bed with my laptop computer.

12:00:  I start reviewing some programming materials.

3:00: My Dad and I head over to my office to pick up some zip ties. I have a few there but not enough, luckily my business partner was there and had a pack in his car.

3:15: We get over to the Restaurant.  No one is there, just staff prepping for dinner.  As a result of the last lightning strike that took down the POS network because the POS company did not put any surge protectors in with their equipment, but instead just plugged the equipment straight into the wall, the preventive measure is to install surge protectors for the POS Equipment. I go around to all the workstations and put surge protectors in place between the wall and the devices.  2 of them needed surge protectors, the other two already were plugged into one.  We then go into the kitchen where they are cooking bacon and biscuits, oh the temptation.  I ziptie the surge protectors to the electrical pipes and plug in the printers in the kitchen into the surge protectors.  Everything is ready to go for the POS network.  I check the toner inventory on the way out and make note of a toner delivery that my wife will make later in the week.

4:00: My dad and I head on out.

4:15: We arrive back home.

4:30: I relax on my bed.

6:00: Shot time, another Lovenox shot…

6:45: Supper time.  Crabmeat and pasta, delicious!

7:30: Supper was great!

8:00: I jump on my computer and start some gaming!  Wow I my eye hand coordination is way off.

11:30: We are done gaming.  Off to get a bath before bed.

11:59: Rubber Duckie! Another day gone!

© Craig