Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +55


1:00: I get out the bath, get dressed, brush my teeth, and head to bed.

1:15: My wife takes my vitals, yipee, I am still alive…

2:00: ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz

6:15: I am awaken for another set of vitals, but more importantly, my next Lovenox shot is due, blah I hate these shots…

6:30: I am right back asleep.

10:30: I am up…

10:45: I eat a few rice crispy treats for breakfast, and outside I go.  I ordered a new pump for the pond, but the thing is I can’t fool with the pond water because my immune system.  My dad puts the pump into the pond, and hooks up the hose to the watertfall, and turns it on, then spends a few minutes trying to level the top nozzle for the gusher that aerates the water pretty well, but also roughens up the surface of the water across the pond to keep things moving around and the top of the water from becoming stagnent.

11:45: Yup, it is getting too hot for me to stay outside, and a little weak I feel, so inside I go.

12:15: I warm up some left over crabmeat and pasta that we had last night for lunch.

12:30: I was going to watch Top Gun, but it was on the spanish channel and completely in spanish, yeah that’s no fun…  Hairspray comes on TV.  My dad loves musicals and hasn’t seen this one, so I leave it on.  He catches a number of the underlying jokes throughout the movie.

3:00: I go do a few things on my computer.

5:00: Supper is started to be cooked, tonight we are having blackened Salmon cooked on the BBQ Pit.

5:30: Another shot in the stomach of Lovenox…

6:00: The Salmon is great!

7:00: My wife and I go walking outside.  I walk down a block and back.  Slowly getting there…

7:30: I have a infusion appointment tomorrow, so bath/shower time after the walk.

9:00:  I watch some more TV in the den.

10:30: I head to bed, and get my vitals checked.

11:30: ZzZzZzZzZz, I am out…

11:59: Still sleeping, another day gone…

© Craig