Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +57


12:30: I am out… ZzZzZzZzZzZzZz

5:30: Awaken again for that Lovenox shot.  My stomach is black/blue/purple from all the shots 🙁  Vitals and a pill to take with it…

6:00: I am back to sleep…

10:00: I am up to start another day!

10:15: I am on my computer taking care of a few things here and there for clients.

11:59: I finally get back to the computer I was working on last night.  Slow as can be.

3:15: I finish up with the computer from last night, it slowly improved with each scan and after removing a number of unneeded programs.  He was able to run his Train Simulator program again, so everything is good to go!

3:30: I call up a client who had called me, they are having issues printing to a wireless network printer.  After a few attempts to resolve the issue, it is going to be something that I have to go onsite for.  I will try to do this tonight, but if not tonight before the end of the week.

3:45: I call up a Legal Case Management Cloud Based Software company looking for a client who wants to transfer from their current in house software to something cheaper since they have do some upgrades and the software company doesn’t want to be reasonable on the cost to upgrade, and wants them to pay for back time when they were not using their support services at all before they can upgrade the software.  So forward we search, but looks like this company hasn’t dealt with the software before and not completely sure if they can transfer the data or not.

4:15: So much for talking to them, they will get back to me later in the week with possibilities if possible.

5:00: I go outside and check on the pond since we put the filter in.  The water is getting clearer, but the UV clarification will help a lot when we are finally able to put that in.

5:30: My dad starts on cleaning out the kitchen sink drain.  Snakes don’t work too well because of the 90 degree angles in the wall feeding the drainage to outside.  Finally he uses a wet dry vac on the pipe and it sucks out all kind of junk which was blocking up the sink, now it flows with no issues…

6:00: Another Lovenox shot 🙁

7:00: After washing up, we use the turkey fryer pot to put water in and turn on the burner to heat it up.

7:45: The shrimp that we are boiling go into the water.

8:00: Done cooking, now just soaking.

8:20: The shrimp come out, get dumped into a big bowl, and supper is served!

9:00: I am done eating my share of shrimp.  I move to the Lazyboy and watch some TV.

10:00: Bath/Shower time.

11:15: I am out and into bed.  A little tired today…

11:30: Vitals.

11:59: Just watching tv, waiting to fall asleep, another day gone!

© Craig