Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +59


5:30: Awaken for another Lovenox shot and vitals.

6:00: Back to sleep.

1:30:  Wow, that Phenergan that I took last night sure does have a delayed sleeping affect.  I haven’t slept this long in a while, and when I say slept, no waking up, tossing or turning or anything, out!  Anyways up I am and onto the computer to do some work I am…

2:00: I take my 10:00 & 2:00 Pills 😛  Back to working on things…

4:00: Working on things here and there…  Well I am in spot, the computers I am working on are here and there 😉

6:30: Shot time.  Not too bad, my wife took my advice and puts the needle in slowly, which hurts less than a fast needle prick.  However the Lovenox still burns!

7:00: Supper time, left over BBQ Shrimp, rewarmed in the oven.  These shrimp are harder to peel, well mainly the smaller ones are, and those came from somewhere else, never again, stick to the Seafood Outlets for good shrimp.

8:30: Done with the seafood, french bread, and cheese sticks.  My dad wants to finish watching burn notice before we take off to go to a client’s location.

9:00: We head over to my office and pick up the keys for the client location.

9:15: We arrive.  I find a frozen wireless access point.  I reset it to factory default and reprogram everything.  I then go look at a wireless printer that is having issues printing.  I readd it to the wireless network and then it stuck, so I reboot it and it starts printing everything that was in the printing queue.

10:00: We are heading out, wireless and printing issues resolved.

10:15: We get home.  Vitals…

10:30: Bath/shower time.  I find a client whos license came in, I remotely apply that license and check that everything updates with the new license, then finish up my shower.

11:55: Out the bathroom I go, in the bedroom I come…

11:59: Another day gone…

© Craig