Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +60

08/09/2013:freaky_fridaypng-300x251  It’s Friday…. Don’t know why its so wonderful for me, lol I have been home all day every day, not like I am going to work or anything 😛

12:15: In bed I am, watching TV, nothing exciting on, just watching…

1:00: ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz

5:30: Shot time, another round of Lovenox for me…  Vitals too.

5:45: Back to sleep.

11:00: I am up.  I sit at my computer respond to an email, and check a few things from last night.

1:30: My mom calls and asks if I want anything to eat, sure do, I’ll take an Eggplant Parmesan PoBoy from Spitalies…

2:00: Munching down on a good PoBoy.

2:30: Back at the computer checking on things, updating a computer, just another day’s work…

5:00: Still in my room, at my desktop, working on things here and there…

5:30: My mom starts cooking some gumbo.

6:00: My dad and I start eating some Boiled Crabs that she brought home.

7:00: Done with the crabs, I eat some of that delicious gumbo!

7:30:  Onto the Lazyboy I go and watch some TV.

9:00:  My mom comes home with some snowballs!  Yummy, chocolate for me!

9:30: Finished the snowball, but now I am freezing cold!

11:00: Bath/shower time…

11:59: Another day gone, just relaxing…


© Craig