Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +62


12:30: Done gaming for tonight.

1:00: In bed, watching TV.

3:00: ZzZzZzZzZzZzZz…..

6:00: I am awakened for another lovenox shot, blah, oh and vitals…

12:00: Awake I am…

12:15: Peanut Butter Chocolate Pop Tarts for breakfast, yummy…

1:00: I go to sit outside in the sun for a little bit and get my Vitamin D with my dad and we just talk, looking at all the lizards all over the place, population explosion…

1:30: Ok, now the sun came out from under the clouds and its too hot for me to stay outside.

2:00: On my computer I am, following up on a few things.

3:00: It is storming outside, power flickers a few times.

3:15: I go back to those 2 computers and put them back together, I’ll bring them over to my office later tonight.

4:00: I see a server go down, it seems that I had a brute force attack on a client’s webpage of a number of different computers trying to gain access by using various username and password combinations.

5:00: I figure out how to stop it, rename the login page from the default to something else, I do that and the server load goes from 45% down to nothing.

6:00: My wonderful Lovenox shot…

8:00: My dad and I head over to the office to bring back those two computers and any other items that I brought from the office to work on them and other things since I hope to be working out of the office for such things and not have 4 or 5 client computers around my house working on them.

8:30: My mom shows up to do a bit of cleaning.  Just wiping down my work areas with disinfectant one more time.  I can’t touch the stuff as the smell of any disinfectant now simply makes me want to throw up.  I am tired of the smell after smelling it at the hospital and through all my chemos in the past.  Cleaning and the wonderful smell of clean is not my thing!

9:00: We are out of there, I’ll be back tomorrow 😛

9:15: Home I am.

9:30: Bath/Shower time…

11:00: Out, all fresh and clean.  Time for vitals and meds, and in bed I am.

11:59: Laying in bed, watching TV.

© Craig