Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +63


1:00: ZzZzZzZzZ

5:30: Vitals and Lovenox shot time…

7:50: A client’s phone call wakes me up.  They have malware on their computer preventing them from being able to do anything.  I remote into the computer, reboot it into safemode, and go to work on it with a few scans.  While it is scanning I go put on my Lidocaine cream on my port and cover it with saran wrap as usual so it doesn’t get all over my shirt.

8:45: Done with the scan, and out the door my wife and I are, heading to Tulane.

9:05: At Tulane.

9:10: Checking in, and sitting in the waiting room.

10:10: I am taken to the infusion center.

10:30: The nurse accesses my port, flushes a few times, and then has no times pulling my blood from my port.

10:45: I get a call from a client who got a new printer and needs me to setup the drivers and map it to the other computers on the network.  I pull out my laptop and add the printer, then I connect to two of the computers on site and add the network printer as they print mainly to that printer.  I will connect to the remaining computers tonight and add the printer to them.

11:30: The blood results are back, everything is good, I don’t need replacements or anything, so I can head on out.

11:45: My wife and I are back in the car, heading home to pick up a bite to eat, and then we’ll head over to my office.

12:00: Home my wife and I are, I grab a pop tart as I am not really too hungry. My wife eats a sandwich.

12:15: Back in the car over to the office my wife and I head.

12:30: We are at the office.  First time I have been here to actually do some work in over 2 months.

1:00: I move a few things around straightening up per say as I haven’t been here and my wife and business partner have been taking care of things in the shop.

2:00: Sitting in my chair, catching up on some administrative work…

6:30: We are done here at the office, time for my wife and I to head home…

7:00: Lovenox shot time, oh joy…

7:30: TV time, but also working on clients issues here and there…

10:00: Vitals and pills.

10:30: I connect to the remaining computers to add the printer, however, one of the computers do not come back up, I guess I’ll see what this brings tomorrow as I do not see the computer come back up, and no one is there this late tonight to troubleshoot the computer with me.

11:30: Done with the computer for tonight, time to go lay in bed.

11:45: Just watching Tv…

11:59: ZzZzZzZzZzZz another day gone and fast asleep!

© Craig