Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +65


5:30: Lovenox shot and vitals, blah…5:45: ZzZzZzZzZz.

10:00: I am up, and its raining outside, just need to wait for it to slack up some before heading over to the office with my wife.  I check on the status of a few different shipments.

11:30: Its slacked off enough, so my wife and I head over to my office.

12:00: My wife and I go to Lowe’s, I need to fix up a few electrical parts to create a dual outlet junction box.

12:30: My wife and I check out and head back to the office.

12:45: At the office, I check on a few emails and take care of a few things.

1:30: I start wiring up the junction box in the shop.

1:50: My wife has a hair appointment, so she has to leave, so just me at the office.

2:15: Done with the junction box, it can support two circuits so got some additional power now 🙂

2:30: Back to my computer following up on a few things, and taking care of some more administrative work.

4:30: I forgot my pills, so my mom brings them to me and drops them off.

5:00: My dad shows up, and my mom heads home.  I am waiting on a package to arrive, and my dad is my ride home, so we wait.  While we are waiting I clean up the floor around my desk, and then he vacuums the entire office for me.

7:00: Still no package, oh well, we are going to head home, they’ll probably deliver it tomorrow.

7:30: Lovenox shot, oh joy…

7:45: Supper.

8:15: Just relaxing in the chair, watching TV.

9:30: Bath/Shower time.  I’ll be happy to get back to the real shower stall, just a little longer to build up my immune system a little more…

11:00: Into bed, vitals, pills, and just relaxing watching tv…

11:59: ZzZzZz, another day gone!

© Craig