Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +66


5:30: Awaken for another Lovenox shot and vitals.  The lovenox shots are becoming a pain.  I have to feel around my belly to find the next spot.  There are hard spots/bruises on my belly like crazy from the effects that the lovenox has.  If I pick a bad spot, the shot will not stop bleeding afterwards from hitting a bruise/ball of blood, blah…

5:50: Back to sleep!

10:00: I am up!  Right onto the computer I hop.  Checking emails, the status of the hard drive being shipped to my client, and other packages.

11:00:  I have my wife drop me off at the office.

11:15: Back to work..

12:45: My package arrives.  I unbox it and set it up.   Can’t completely use it until I get a few more parts to complete install.

1:30: Back to some work…

6:00: My wife picks me up from the office and brings me back home.

6:30: Lovenox shot time…

7:00: My dad and I head Uptown to resolve that hard drive issue on that computer.

7:30: We get there, I put on my mask, and head inside.  I swap out the hard drives, configure the computer back to its domain settings, install the XRay software and swap computers.  I undo the settings on the temp computer while finalizing the settings on the new computer.

9:30: We are done and home we head…

9:50: We get home, pizza for supper.  I am getting tired of this no meat thing…

10:15: Pills and vitals.

10:30: Bath/shower.

11:45: Out, and into bed…  No TV tonight I am exhausted.

11:59: Another day gone. ZzZzZzZzZzZz

© Craig