Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +67


5:30: Lovenox and vitals.

5:45: Right back asleep…

10:00: My mom arrives home, she is my ride to the doctors today.  I am seeing a seeing a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) specialist for the blood clot in my arm.

10:15: We head to Tulane.

10:36: I check in.

11:00: We are taken to the back where my vitals are taken.

11:15: The normal new patient review, drugs taking, and everything else with me going on for an overview.

11:30: The doctor comes in and we go over the whole history of the stem cell and the blood clot.  The doctor comes to the conclusion that I may have clotted more because I had an infection recently since I was on the Vancomycin and since blood just tends to clot easier when there is an infection, then that was the result of my blood clot in my arm worsening a little during that time, the time of the second ultrasound.

12:15: We are heading out of the office and back to the car.  Nice doctor.  They are going to run some blood test on me on Tuesday to get my Lovenox levels in my blood are along with a few other things.

12:45: We go to River Pond to pick up some fresh shrimp and crabs.  The crabs are already boiled and ready to go, the shrimp have just been caught today and we are going to boil half for supper and the other half are going to go into a shrimp etouffe.

1:00: We pick up some Shrimp Po Boys from Spitalies that we had ordered before we went to River Pond, Chuck comes outside and tells me hello and wishes me well.

1:15: Back home, and enjoying my Shrimp PoBoy.

2:00: My mom drops me off at the office going off on her errands.

2:15: At my desk getting back to the real work.  Catching up on some administrative stuff since I have been gone.

3:00: My wife arrives at the office with a computer she had picked up for me to work on, I go downstairs and put it on the hand truck and wheel it in the elevator and upstairs to take care of it.

6:00: Done doing various work around the office.  Gotta get home for my shot and the Saints game tonight.

6:30: Lovenox shot, oh joy!

6:45:I start eating some crabs.

7:00: Saints game.

7:30: The shrimp come out the pot and placed into a pan on the table.  I am still eating crabs, take a bit to eat a crab.

7:45: I crab shell gets the best of my thumb when I am trying to crack the leg area in half to get the crab meat out, OK, this will be my last crab for tonight…  Onto the shrimp I venture.

8:00: I am done eating for tonight.  I sit in the LazyBoy and watch the rest of the Saints game against the Raiders…

10:00: Game over.  I browse to see what else is on TV.  Pill and vital time too…

11:30: OK, I am tired, time to go lay in bed.

11:59: Still watching TV in bed though..  Another day gone!

© Craig