Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +68


1:00: ZzZzZzZz

6:00: Lovenox shot yipee, not, blah, vitals, and pill…

6:15: Back to sleep…

10:00: Awake I am.

10:15:  My dad is making banana pancakes for breakfast!  Yummy!

10:45: Off to work my wife is headed.

11:00: I am in my room working on a computer remotely.  The client thinks its a virus, but I think its a hardware issue since the problem returned 2 weeks since we worked on the computer the last time.  It’s slow to start off, then I do find a few infections, but no active ones that would be slowing the machine down.  I get the machine running quicker, but I warn the client that because I did a chkdsk last night and that found a few hard drive erros, that the hard drive is probably failing, but the client insists that it is not the hard drive.

1:00: The computer is running better for now, so they’ll take it, so I log off of it remotely.

1:15: I relax in the lazy boy while my parents do some cleaning and vacuuming of my room, since I shouldn’t be in there while they are cleaning.

3:00: They are done with their things and about to go to Mass, I am going to have my dad drop me off at the office.

3:15: My dad and I head for the office.

3:30: At the office, I am dropped off and off he drives.

3:45: I throw 2 desktops up on the work benches, and start working on them.  One likely has a bad hd, so I pull out the HD and put it into another computer, and it boots up with no issues, so definitely not the hard drive, but the motherboard or processor, as the ram tests out fine with no issues.  I let the client know to see if they want to purchase this extra pc with their hard drive or just backup the info off of the hard drive.The other computer is a computer I am rebuilding for a family member, so in goes the Windows XP Professional CD and the reformat and rebuild start.

4:45: My dad calls me wanting to know if I am ready to be picked up.  I check on the computer and everything is in position for me to continue to work on it remotely.

5:00: My dad arrives so I lock up and head down stairs and jump in the car.

5:15: Back home…

5:30: Lovenox injection in the stomach, oh boy!

6:00: More seafood, I finish off the shrimp from the previous night.

7:00: Just in the LazyBoy watching TV.  I don’t feel like doing much of anything else tonight.

7:30: I doze off…

10:00: I wake up, time for a bath/shower.

11:30: Back in my room, just laying in bed, relaxing, watching a movie on TV.

11:59: Another day done…

© Craig