Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +69


2:00: I finally decide to turn of the TV and go to sleep.

11:30: I am up.

12:00: I grab a bite to eat.

12:30: I am back in my room, just checking on emails and working on a few things.

1:00: I remote into a client’s machine and start working on an issue where he repetitively has malware making its way back onto his computer.  I check out some addons and programs installed, and there are a few programs that were all installed on the same day that, all weird programs, so I uninstall them on, then do a scan, and remove anything left over.  I then explain that one must be careful when installing software to read every next statement because a lot of times tag along software comes with the software installed, this tag along software is not what you want.

2:00: All done. with that issue.

2:30: I go outside for a little bit, then come inside and rest in the lazyboy while my room is being cleaned, just watching TV.

5:00: Bath/Shower Time…

6:30: Back at my computer in my room.

10:30: In bed, a little tired…

10:45: ZzZzZzZz…  I am out…

11:59: Another day gone…


© Craig