Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +70


9:30: I am up.

10:00: I am sitting at my computer in my room.  Following up with emails with clients and a VLAN setup that I will have to do for VOIP phones for a client.  So I start doing research on that pulling setups I have done in the past.

12:05: I get an email from a client who is having problems with quickbooks online.  They spoke to Quickbooks Support who had them install a program on their computer to do some scanning, and it only installed more trash.  I had to remove everything they installed because the program they installed to scan also installed 5 other unneeded malware programs.

1:00: I do a quick clean of it as I just did a complete clean not that long ago.

3:00: My mom gets home from work and I have her give me a ride to my office.

3:30: A client comes in and picks up their laptop.

6:00: My wife shows up to pick me up, just waiting on my business partner to show up to show him something before I leave.

6:30: Jamie shows up, I show him what I need done, and he actually does it right away, so  I watch him do it, then head on out with my wife.

6:45: My wife and I are heading home.

7:00: My wife and I are home!  Salmon for supper.

7:15: I eat a little Salmon, I am getting tired of fish and non meat food…

7:30: I am done eating, off to my room to follow up with a phone call from earlier.

8:00: It is the client with the slow computer with what I think is the failing hard drive.  The backup won’t completely restore without the computer shutting down and restarting on him.  He will give it another day or two, to try again, but its not looking good for the computer in one way or another.

9:00: Off the phone, and checking on a few other things online.

10:00: In bed, I am just tired.

11:00: ZzZzZzZz  Another early night for me.

11:59: Another day gone…

© Craig