Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +71


5:30: Waken up for my normal vitals.

6:00: I get my Lovenox shot as I have bloodwork today around 9:00 which will give me 3 hours after the shot which the nurse wants to see my Lovenox level.

7:00: I finally fall back asleep.

8:00: I am up. I have to get ready.  I put on the Lidocane Cream on the port, and the Saran Wrap over the Cream, and my shirt over the Saran Wrap.

8:30: My mom gets home from work and I jump in the car and we head to Tulane.

8:50: We get to Tulane.  I check in and let them know that I need to get my bloodwork done as soon as possible so that it is as near to 3 hours as possible from, when the injection was given.

9:05: I complete the check in process and sent right to the back.

9:10: Weighed and vitals taking as normal.

9:20: They access my port, however the nurse is having issues getting a good blood return, so she gets a veteran nurse to come work on my line.  The veteran pumps the saline back and forth and starts to get something, but not enough, she puts some heprin in my line to help break down the clot or blockage…

9:40: They go to work pumping saline in and out and finally just as I start pointing to my arm for a needle to be used to try to get blood from my vein that hasn’t been used in a while because it disappeared, but has since reappeared and visible through the skin, the blood starts flowing out of the port and into their collection syringes.  They waste a syringe, and then take 2 additional syringes, one to fill my normal blood counts etc, and the other to look at my clotting abilities and lovenox levels.

10:00: We are done with the blood draw, my mom and I rush over to the admit desk so that I can check in for my ultrasound of my arm to look at the blood clot, as it was scheduled for 10:00.

10:10: I check in at the desk, and I sit to sign the monitors for consent and insurance purposes.

10:25: I am called to sign the digital paperwork.

10:30: My mom and I are headed up to the 4th floor, I give the paperwork to frontdesk and we have a seat.

10:40: I am called to the back, asked to take off my shirt and lay on the bed and the technician will be in shortly to scan my neck and arm.

10:50: The tech comes in and starts scanning my neck and arm.

11:15:  The scan is all done.  My mom and I head back downstairs to wait in the waiting room of the cancer center as my appointment is at 1:00.

11:30: We get back downstairs.  I eat some cookies we purchased at Greenburys.  2 Peanut Butter and 2 Chocloate Chip Cookies.  They are huge and rich, I fight to eat 3 of them, and just save the extra for later.

12:00: I walk down to infusion to check on my bloodwork, they say everything is fine and unaccess me.

12:15: Back in the waiting room.  I pull out my laptop and check on a few things.

12:45: The nurse comes and gets us in the waiting room, seeing that we are waiting anyway, may as well wait in the patient room.

12:55: I get my vitals taken and into the patient room we go.

1:30: Dr. Safah sees me.  She asks why am I so red in the face, I tell her its probably because I just sat up so quickly, she says she doesn’t think so and doesn’t like it, I tell her I have been feeling fine and every now and then my face does get real red, but no other symptoms.  She says other than that I look good.  I ask her when I can start eating meat again because of the gout thing, and she says she is not a gout expert, but she would wait a little longer, she said I should go see my internist about the gout issue, she takes a look at my foot and says its still a lil swollen, but I don’t see it..  I ask her about the dogs, and she says I must still wait to after the Pet Scan, day 100 before considering having the dogs come back in the house, to let my immune system build itself up a little more.  Other than that she says everything is fine, I can discontinue my infusion visits, and I don’t have to see her again till September 19, 2013, the day after my PET/CT Scan.  So everything checked out pretty well.

2:00: My mom and I are out of there.  I am a little hungry, so we head on over to Spitalies.  I get a Eggplant Parmesan PoBoy, great stuff!

2:30: My mom and I head out, we head over to my office, and she drops me off.

3:00: I am upstairs in my office.  Today is the 20th, meaning sales taxes are due, so I go ahead and run those reports and then log onto the websites and enter the results from the reports into the Louisiana and Jefferson Parish sites for Sales Taxes and Payments.

6:00: My dad comes over and picks me up from the office.

6:30: I am done with my work today.

7:00: I am home, supper time, I don’t eat too much I am still full from lunch…

8:00: In my room working on my computer following up with a few things.

10:00: Done with the computer, in bed just watching TV…

11:59: ZzZzZzZzZz… Another day gone 😛

© Craig