Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +72


5:30: Up again for my Lovenox shot, oh joy… Oh vitals and pills too…

6:00: Back asleep!

10:00:  I get an email from a client who is having issues with her computer after I had fixed the issue.  It ran fine for me for a day on the test bench with no issues, and won’t stop blue screening for her.  I email her back saying I will look at the computer under a warranty repair.

11:00: Just working on a few items from home, checking on some product prices for clients and catching up on some administrative work.

12:00:  I grab a bite to eat out the fridge.

1:00: Back to work at my home PC.

2:30: The desktop is dropped off at my house to be looked at again.  I start troubleshooting it along with my wife’s gmaw’s computer.  Both are having blue screen and boot up issues.  I first run mem test on them as memory test are the most common reasons for constant blue screens.

4:00: Both PCs are still memtesting with no issues, I’ll let them run the rest of the night to just make sure…

6:00:  My wonderful evening Lovenox shot, oh joy, ouch 🙁

6:15: Supper…

7:00: Back in my room working on a few things, fun times!

9:00: Blah tired, and tired of sitting up in a chair, time for me to lay down.

10:30: ZzZzZzZ Wow sleeping and its early!

11:59: Another day gone gone gone…

© Craig