Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +73


5:30: Vitals and Injection, oh joy!

6:00: ZzZzZz

9:34: I am awaken by a phone call.  A client needs a temp admin password for a vendor to install some software for a new label maker printer at the office.

9:40: I am at my computer in my room remoting into the server to create the temp admin password, and call that temp admin password back into the office.

10:00: Back to some work….

12:00: I get this crazy idea to go work on my bike, so I go take it out the back shed.  I first replace the seat as it fell off when someone borrowed my bike a while back…IMAG0802sm

12:30: Seat on, now just need to pump up the tires.

1:00: I ride my bike 2 blocks down and that’s enough for me for today, I turn around and ride the blocks back to the house.

1:30: I am done putting the bike away and the tools I used to fix it…

2:00: Shower time.

2:30: Back on my computer checking on a few things and just doing some work.

5:00: Another day of work pretty much over with just finalizing some things here and there…

6:00: Another injection, oh joy!

6:15: Supper…

7:00: Just watching TV….

10:00: To my room I go, I am tired…  I turn on some TV in there, but fall sleep soon after…


11:59: Another day gone…

© Craig