Symptoms Continue

06/01/2012 – 06/20/2012

The night sweats had started back up on and off again without taking any additional steroids.

I noticed I had the following symptoms:
1. I am Constantly Coughing throughout the day. – Inhaler Doesn’t Help This
2. Coughing Guaranteed Every Morning When I Get Up and When Eating
3. When I Get Up I Feel I Have To Cough to Try To Clear My Throat of flem or whatever to Breath
4. Coughing Guaranteed When Taking a Deep Breath
5. Wheezing When Breathing all the time, especially when Exerting Myself
6. Night Sweats Continuing Since the Steroids, Never Really Stopped, Shirt will be drenched  and wet and wet spots all over bedsheets.  Room kept at 74 Degrees by AC plus fans.
7. Noticed that My Body not at its Full Strength.  This can be really noticed when picking things up and moving things around.
8. A little more tired than usual.  Adding more sleep, but this doesn’t help.
9. Cannot get hot showers in the morning without feeling weak and having to sit down, only cool to mildly warm showers.
10. Sometimes I just get cold showers to get rid of the night sweat feeling in the morning.

I need to make an appointment with my internist to follow up with this.

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