The Day Before the Biopsy


I knew I would have to tie up a few final things before going in for my Biopsy.  I met with a new client at my office about setting up a VOIP phone service for both voice and faxing.  We ordered the equipment and the 2 phone numbers which would give him 4 phone lines for two years while he was in the office.  He was also interested in a fax/printer/copier all in one, so I ordered a Brother printer for him as well.  We planned on getting together possibly Monday or Tuesday of the following week if I am up for it to set everything up.  I also ordered 3 toner cartridges, one for him, two for other clients.  Another client then came in to pickup a laptop that I had replaced a hard drive in, and also brought up the possibility of creating two websites for her husband’s businesses.  I let this client know about the possibility of me having Lymphoma and that I was having a biopsy tomorrow and that I would know the results sometime next week.  She said that she had a friend who’s daughter had it and has since had a child of her own, so I looked at this as another positive discussion.  We discussed the different possibilities and I sent her an email after she left with our domain website and a list of websites that we have created over the years.  I then met briefly with another client who had come in to pay off his balance and explained to him everything that was going on.  He said that, that explained why I was not so quick in my responses when he was talking to me on Friday about a few different things and had him wondering over the weekend what was going on in my mind.  We got everything squared away and will possibly meet the following week to follow up on some work that he needs with a website and mailing list depending on how I feel as well.  All in all I am looking at everything in a positive light.  Whatever I have I have and there is no changing it, just have to figure out exactly what it is so that I can get the proper treatment and put it all behind me!  I caught up on some financial and administrative tasks for my business, went to the bank, and then came back to the office.  I talked with the building Manager and let her know what would be going on if she didn’t see me around the next few days, and a few days here and there at a time.  She was positive that its nothing yet as there are no Biopsy results yet.  I said that’s one way of looking at it.  I took care of a few small minor issues for 3 clients and then I prepared additional bank deposits for tomorrow on different accounts, and then headed home the day.  My wife and I and my parents went out to eat at Lager’s.  I had a nice Grilled Chicken Salad as my last meal before my Biopsy as come 8:00 tomorrow morning I can’t eat or drink anything until after my procedure which is scheduled for 5PM.  Well goodnight, and I will catch you tomorrow!


© Craig