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Chemo Day #4 + 1

09/05/2012: 10:00: I get a call from a client about their internet being down.  I do some research, and ask the client to call the service provider, as it seems to be something wrong on the service providers side, as nothing has changed, and the client has already done the basic troubleshooting and restarting of

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Chemo Day #4: ~~~~ 8 More to Go

09/04/2012: 2:30: I give up on finishing up the phone firmware tonight.  I get the spare phone and a phone not being used yet and put them in place of the phones that are stuck trying to upgrade their firmware. 3:00: I get home. 3:15: I continue working on the phones. When I get home,

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Chemo Day #3 + 14

09/03/2012: 1:00:  I am done here at the office, time for me to head on home… 1:15: I get home. 1:20: My wife gets home, I sit with her by the table while she eats her chicken wrap. 1:30: I am laying in bed.  I connect into the phone system, and start some more configurations. 

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Chemo Day #3 + 13

09/02/2012: 12:00:  Once the cables are done being terminated, I go to the phone patch panel and start working on the whip for the 4 phone lines, running them from the phone patch panel to the router where the are plugged into an FXO card.  This will transfer the analog signal from the phone company

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Chemo Day #3 + 12

09/01/2012: 10:00: I am awake after a good nights rest.  I let Buster out. 10:30: I eat some bread pudding for breakfast. I start checking a few emails.  My office is still offline because the power is out. 11:00: I go back in my room and lay in bed and start doing some research on

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Hurricane Isaac Updates Coming Soon!

Hurricane Isaac Updates Coming Soon! My office had no power and internet, and I lost internet at the house, luckily I still had power throughout the whole storm, but I will still kept those days on notepad on my laptop.  I will post them as soon as I can!

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