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Chemo Day #8 + 7

11/05/2012: 12:00: Still gamin… 12:30: Off to bed, just tired…. 10:07: I get a call from a client who called me on Friday, with the same email and slowness issues.  I decide to do a full scan and follow up with the administrators of the network who are located in Colorado on other possible solutions

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Chemo Day #8 + 6

11/04/2012: 12:00: Yep still gaming! 2:00: I finish up my gaming, and I am headed to sleep, I am exhausted…  It’s really 1:00 with daylight savings time falling back, but I am going to bed anyway. 11:00: I am up and about. Doughnuts for breakfast   My dad is cooking a leg of lamb on

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Chemo Day #8 + 5

11/03/2012: 12:00: I am gaming. 2:45: I am done gaming for tonight.  Time to go crash and go to sleep. 3:00: I am out…. 1:00: I am just waking up.  Wow 14 hours of sleep!  I get up and eat some biscuits my mom had cooked earlier. 1:30: I am laying back in bed working

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Chemo Day #8 + 4

11/02/2012: 9:04: I get a call from a client, but I am still half awake and half asleep and let it go to voicemail. 11:37: I get a call from another client, but I am still out of it, wow, this round of chemo has me down… 11:45: I get up out of bed, I

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Chemo Day #8 + 3

11/01/2012: 9:04: I get waken up by a call from the client who’s domain servers I changed yesterday.  I get up out of bed and go to my desktop computer, but before that while I am letting Buster outside in the backyard, I don’t feel too good.  I take a Zofran to take care of

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