Stem Cell Transplant: Day: -1


IMAG073912:10: Steph comes in and cleans out all my caps on my picc line.  She also takes the vials of blood for testing.

1:30: Potty Break ūüėõ

1:45: Just watching Waiting on TV.

2:00: My wife is heading out!

3:00: I turn on Honey I Shrunk The Kids, and fall asleep watching that.

7:00: I wake up really having to go.  My nurse Steph has emptied the urinal, and good enough I fill an entire one up.

7:05: I turn the channel on the TV, I don’t want to watch a gospel preacher at 7 in the morning.¬† I turn on The Cosby Show.

7:45: The fellow drops in and checks on me, everything is good.

8:30: Breakfast is served.  Western Omelet, Muffin, and Bacon.

9:00: I get up to brush my teeth.

9:05: The fellow and the on call nurse makes their rounds.  I am doing great, he is happy to see I am moving around and taking it all great.  He said to keep the blogging up!

9:10: I finish brushing my teeth.

9:30: I am back in bed, I put the bed in the chair position, pull my laptops over, and go back to work.

9:45: I am trying to fix a computer that will not boot, but the problem is since it will not boot I cannot remote into the computer.

10:00: My mom shows up, we start talking etc.

11:00: Still troubleshooting that computer, but no luck yet, building virtual machines etc to help me step the user through what they are seeing, but they just don’t h ave the applicable tools to help me fix the issue, and the speed of working on this issue¬† is taking forever because their internet service provider is a Satellite Connection, and that takes forever.

11:45: I get my blood glucose level checked for lunch and vitals.

12:00: I get my lunch and insulin.  Baked Dried Chicken, Dried Yellow Rice, Cooked Vegetables, nothing exciting at all.  I need some real food!

1:00: My dad arrives.

1:30: I start thinking about what I want to eat tonight for supper.  I wants some real food.  I can have anything really as long as everything in it is fully cooked, no raw food, no cheeses, no deli cut cheese or meet, nothing that can be cross contaminated.  Everything I eat must be done within 2 hours of being cooked.  Anything not refrigerated within 2 hours of being cooked must be thrown away.  My immune system is falling in its levels of protection.

2:00: My sister arrives, and my mom heads out.¬† My mom is going to grab some fresh meet from the store and make a burger and bring it right back.¬† My sister and my bro in law came in from Prarieville¬† to talk and spend some time with me.¬† Very nice, gave me a different scene.¬† I spent some time talking while I also kept working on my client’s issue.

3:30: My sister and bro in law head on out.

4:30: My mom finally gets back with the fresh food.  I eat 3 burgers on wheat buns, with just basic mayo, ketchup, and mustard.  They are delicious after all this hospital food.  Food, the reason to get out of here and keep on enjoying life!  That and my work!

5:15: The nurse comes in and completely unhooks me.  She has gotten me towels for me to take another rub down bath.

IMAG07375:30: I have my mom go wait in the waiting area.  Time for a potty break as well, so first I get that out the way.  Then I have my dad prepare the water bins for my bath.  As there is a glass wall that I cannot go past.  Everything is on the other side of this wall, water, necessities, everything.  I have to stay on this side of the glass wall because this is considered the sterile and clean air flow side.  I need water, ice, food, drink, anything from the outside world I need to call someone or hit the nurse button.  If I go to the bathroom and need the urinal emptied or the pot emptied I need to call someone to collect my lovely waste and empty that too.  All my intakes are being accounted for as well as all of my outputs.  Everything is being monitored to watch for anything that they need to jump on through this process.

IMAG07405:45: My dad places the two bins of warm water on the window sill.  The clean towels on the chair next to the windows.  Now I am bathing.  Again the process, dip once in the clean pre-surgical scrubwash, and scrub part of my body.  Put the rag in dirty pile, dip my clean rag in the rinse water, rinse, put the rag in the dirty pile.  Repeat this over and over again.  I have my dad help me reach my upper middle back, and then I finish everything else off.  I dry myself off really well, and cover myself in a nice helping of power deodorant.  I then proceed to get dressed.  I have my dad grab the wash bins and rinse them out.  He places the rinsed bins back on the ledge.  He goes and gets my mom while I start to brush my teeth.  Washing my toothbrush with bags of water and spitting into the same bins I just used to bathe with.  Never cross contaminating the toothbrush to the water.

6:15: My mom comes back in.¬† Now that I am all clean, time to make the bed.¬† I help her lift the bed up in the air with the controls on the side of the bed, and then she strips the bed and my dad comes in and helps her finish making the bed.¬† May as well have a clean bed if I just got a shower…

6:45: I am just sitting and relaxing.

7:00: My nurse comes in and starts doing some initial vitals and such.

7:40: I get the call from the client wanting to know if we can finish up the computer tonight, or if it is just going to have to be dropped off tomorrow.  I tell him let me try a few more things.

8:00: I am back in bed and working on a few options.

8:30: I don’t see any more options and tell him that if he could drop it off tomorrow downstairs that fellow tenants and client in the building is also accepting and handling packages and items for my other clients.¬† My wife will pick it up from them later and hook it up to a special setup that I have that will let me work on the computers as if I was sitting right in front of them even if they can’t boot.¬† My remote software only allows me to remote into a computer once Windows has successfully booted and the computer is online, but I have another device that works as an in between when I can’t do that such as when I am stuck n a hospital.

9:00: My parents are hanging out talking a little longer with me and the nurse.

9:45: My parents decide it is time to head on out.

10:00: Time for me to catch up my blog, and that is what I am doing now.

10:15: Installing my printers remotely so I can fax from my office from my computers anywhere for testing purposes of for purposes where I need a client to type in commands into a computer and it is easier to give them a text format than read lines of commands to type in, just fax the command over to them.

11:00: Just relaxing, getting in and out of bed to pee, and typing my blog…


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