Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +1


12:15: Blood taken for lab work as usual.

12:30: I am out of it.  Long day.  The stem cells are in, but also are their preservative.  Everyone says I smell, but I don’t smell a thing.  They are all right.  I smell like the preservative that was mixed with the stem cells.  The whole room smells of it, I have no clue.

12:45: I am retiring for the night….

4:00: Vitals taken.  Back to sleep…

6:00: I am up.  I open the windows, turn on the TV and watch some TV.

6:30: Dr. Miller is in to check on me.  The stem cell transplant went with no issues.  Now time to monitor me.

7:00: Breakfast as normal.  Watching some TV and looking at the computers some.

9:00: I doze off while watching TV and using my computers.

11:30: I am waken up for a vitals check and a glucose check.

12:00: Lunch is served.  I feel good, just a little tired.

12:30: I am done with lunch.

1:00: I talk to my mom and decide that I want some cheeseburger macaroni for dinner.  A weekly repeat of food is the hospitals menu, time for some fresh stuff.

1:30: I doze off again.

3:00: The nurse checks on me, I am allright, just tired.  This can be normal after the infusion of stem cells.

4:00: Vitals checks.

7:00: My parents get there, I am just about to start a wash down.  They wait for my wash down.

7:30:  I am done my wash down.   The sheets on the bed are changed for me.

7:45: I am back in bed.  Time to eat.  My mom scoops some soup cups full of the cheeseburger macaroni that she brought from home.

8:00: I am enjoying cup after cup of the macaroni.

8:30: I have eaten my full.  Time to watch TV.  It won’t be long now before I doze off as well.

9:15: Sure enough I am ZzZzZzZzZz already.

10:00: I wake up.  My parents said they are going to head on out and do a few things around the house.  My wife is going to stay a little longer.  I watch some more TV, and then off to sleep I go again.

11:59: Still sleeping!


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