Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +2


12:15: I am awaken for a blood draw for my labs.  I also am weighed and come in at 255.8.

1:00: My wife leaves as I am also going to crash again sleep and just sleep.

4:00: Vitals.

6:30: Dr. Miller Initial Morning Checkup.

7:00:  Glucose Check.

7:45: Breakfast is served.  Breakfast I find is hard to to eat because of the what is now going on inside of my mouth.  As the blood counts drop and the mouth and throat start getting tender.  The real tired and miserable feeling is starting to kick in.

8:30: I am done eating breakfast.  Didn’t eat too much.  Drank my liquids, but left most of the food.

9:00: I don’t really open my computers.  I just watch the TV for the most part.  I am starting to feel bad as my blood counts drop and my body starts to succumb to minor bacterial infections etc that it can’t fight.  Also all the mouth tissue, throat, and digestive tissue has been destroyed by the Cytoxan  and just causing issues everywhere.

9:30: I am back to sleeping….

11:30: Brad checks up on me.  Ask me how I am doing.  I tell him I am OK, just don’t feel great, just tired and want to lay in bed.  A normal side effect.

12:00:  Lunch is served.  I don’t eat much of that at all, maybe just the bread.

3:00: The wonderful bodily function of bowel movements start up.  The nurses warned me of this.  The preservative that the stem cells were stored in is now being getting rid of by the body.  They said I will go many many times.  The worse thing is no matter how much my stomach hurts or how watery it is, they will not give anything to me to make me regular again.  They do not want to stop up any patient who is getting rid of the preservatives.  So just hold on for the next few days as many hours will be spent visiting the John or POT.

4:30: Oh dinner looks wonderful.  Am I going to eat any?  No…

5:30: More wonderful times on the POT.

6:15: Back in bed just trying to rest.   The POT will exhaust you.  Not the smooth warm friend at home, but a hard cold pain.

10:00: Back up for more POT time.  Oh this time just being tired, starting to get some dehydration I guess, and starting up with the nausea now.

10:30: Back in bed.  Exhausted I am, I just don’t feel good and fell asleep soon after.

11:59: Still sleeping..


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