Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +3


12:15: The nurse wakes me up.  Time for bloodwork.  She takes the bloodwork.

12:30:  Its also Wed Night/Thurs Morning.  So they are going to change my dressing out for my Picc line.  She takes off all the dressing, cleanses the skin.

12:45: All done.  The nurse leaves.  Time for me to jump on the pot again.

1:05:  I get up and just feel dehydrated and now part nauseated.  Oh the POT can drain your energy.  I jump on the scale on the way back to bed and I weigh 250.0  That 5.8 lbs less than 24 hours ago.

1:15: I hit the call button for the nurse.

1:20:  I ask the nurse to empty the pot and also to bring me some Phenengan via IV to knock me out and to take care of the nausea.

1:30: I feel the Phenegan enter my system.  Good stuff.  All you can do is close your eyes and knock out on this stuff, and no nausea to worry about either after taking some of this.

4:00: The nurse comes in to check my vitals I am basically out of it, just obey the nurses commands to turn so that she can put the blood pressure cuff around my arm, the pulse ox on my finger and some how put the thermometer in my mouth to take my temperature while I am still out of it.

6:00: Dr. Miller does her normal check up on me in the morning.

6:30: I doze back off.

9:00: Dr. Safa comes in and ask how I am doing.  I tell her I am doing ok.  I am just tired.  She says that it is normal to feel tired after the transplant.  She said its normal for patients to sleep.

9:10: The doctor leaves and sure enough I don’t fight it, I just lay back and fall asleep again.

11:15: I am awaken for vitals and blood sugar test.

12:00: Lunch is here.  I am more tired than hungry.  I pick at the food and then simply let sleep win me back over.

3:00: The nurse comes back in and checks on me.

4:00: Supper is served.  I am not too interested.  Dee shows up 🙂

6:00: My parents show up.

6:15: I am up, half awake, half asleep, talking some.  My mouth is stating to fall apart, hard to open my mouth much less put anything inside of it, so drinking is difficult, eating seems almost impossible.

6:45: Sleeping again.

8:00: My parents say they are going to go home and do some cleaning, I am tired I can just sleep, but they gotta work on the room.

11:59: I am still sleeping, my wife makes sure I am all covered up and comfortable and watches me as I sleep as she watches TV.


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