Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +4


12:15: Blood test and vitals time, oh joy.  They take more blood from me and fill up 2 vials.  Put the pressure cuff on, put the O2 sensor on, and stick the thermometer in my mouth.  Then the nurse leaves me to sleep.

4:00: Vitals again…

4:15: Back to sleep.

6:30: Awakened by Dr. Miller coming to check on me.  I am feeling the mucositis kicking in in my mouth.  I am starting to talk funny because of it.  My whole face is starting to get puffy because of it.  My white blood cell count and the ability to fight off any infections is dropping and any bacteria is able to take over, luckily painful mouthsores yet but the pain side of everything is starting up.  Dr. Miller says that she will write the order to put me on some Morphine to hide the pain in my mouth and the pain that will be coming soon to follow in my throat, esophagus, and stomach.  She listens to me and everything sounds fine, she will be back later with the doc.

7:30: Dr. Miller, the fellow, comes in and checks on me to report back to the doc before their rounds.

7:45: My nurse comes in and checks on me and gets my blood sugar.

8:00: Breakfast is served.  I don’t eat any of it instead I am  just drinking Ensures instead.

8:30: The nurse comes back in, gives me my meds and insulin.

9:00: Just watching TV.  Not in the mood to do too much of anything.

10:00: The doc comes in and checks on me and says everything is going well.

10:30: My morphine comes in and gets hung.  I have no reaction to the morphine, no itching, no nothing so that’s a good thing.  It’s just to take the edge off the pain in my throat, mouth, and anywhere else I might experience some pain while I am recovering and till my white blood cell count starts coming up.

11:30: Insulin check.

12:00: Lunch is served, Ensure it is again.

12:30: Back to just watching some TV.  Not in the mood to be on my computers or do too much of anything else.

4:00: Insulin check.

4:30: Supper is served, but with my mouth and throat the way it is, I don’t feel like eating.  I drink an ensure instead.

5:00: Back to watching TV.  You can tell I feel bad when I want nothing to do with a computer.

9:00: My dad shows up to spend the night.  My wife spent the night the past two nights.  My wife has work in the morning so my dad will take over the night shift.  They allow someone to stay the night after the transplant when the numbers start dropping and the patient may need some more personal assistance.

11:59: Still watching TV, another day gone!


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