Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +5


12:10: My nurse comes in and gathers my blood for my daily bloodwork.

1:00: I doze off.

4:00: Vitals

6:00: I wake up, my dad is watching The Rifleman on TV Land.

8:00: The nurse comes in and checks my vitals.

8:30:  Breakfast is served.  I am sticking to my Ensures.

10:00: Just taking it easy today.  Back in bed, watching TV.

11:45: Insulin check.

12:00: Lunch is served.  Just more Ensures for me…

12:30: Just laying in bed, watching TV, nothing too exciting in my room going on.

4:00: Vitals check and insulin check.

4:30: Supper, yup, more Ensure.  My mouth and throat is too sore to handle normal food.  You lucky I can swallow the Ensure.

5:00: Just watching TV, nothing too exciting here…

7:30: Shift Change.  Victor is back on for tonight.

8:00: Vitals…

11:59: Another day gone….


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