Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +6


12:15: Blood Test…  Victor also leaves a cup for the Saturday night urine tests.

3:00: I am up and I gotta go.  I fill up the cup, and hit the nurse button when I crawl back in bed so they can come collect it.

4:00: Vitals….

6:00: I am up, my dad is up ust used to not sleeping much when in the hospital.  Being awaken every few hours.  Bill Cosby on TV Land is the Sunday morning choice of TV, nothing else on anyway…

7:30: Dr. Miller stops by for a basic assessment before the doctor’s come in for their rounds.

7:45: I get my vitals taken after shift change.

8:00: Breakfast is served, sure enough back to the Ensure.

8:30: All done drinking the Ensure, hurts to swallow.  Back to just watching TV.

10:00: The doctor comes around asks me how I am feeling, I am doing allright, everything is normal and going as expected.  They agree and walk on out.

11:45: Glucose check.

12:00: Lunch, another Ensure.

1:00: Just more TV.  Not too much to do when you are limited to a 15ft by 15ft room, and the bed is taking up most of the room, then you have the chair, the portable commode, the bedside nightstand.  If you do get up to walk around in this small room, you have the tubes going from you to the pump.  I get up when I have to, or use the wonderful commode, but not much other point of getting up…

4:00: Vitals are taken again along with another glucose check, oh joy!

4:30: Another ensure.

5:00: Hmm, what’s on TV tonight, whatever…

6:00: My mom arrives to visit.  My dad takes a break and goes and grabs something to eat for himself, since he has been hanging out making sure I didn’t need anything.

7:30: Shift Change, oh joy!

9:00: My mom heads out along with my dad.  They have got some things to do around the house, and my dad has work in the morning, so he goes home to get a good night sleep….  Not sure when I am going home yet, but they have to get things ready for when I do go home…

10:00: More meds to be hung to be pumped into me…

10:30: My wife checks in,

11:59:  Still watching TV, another day gone!


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