Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +10


12:05: More blood taken and put into vials for tests.

1:00: Time to sleep…

6:30: I am awake.

6:50: Dr. Miller comes and checks on me for her report.

7:30: Shift change.

7:45: Vitals and glucose check.

8:00: Breakfast, another ensure.

9:00: Just getting back on my computer, actually getting some work done and using my computer.  I am actually back in the mood to start doing things and getting some more strength back.

11:00: Doc comes in.  He tells me that if I don’t do anything to screw it up, he will be sending me home Saturday, as my numbers are coming up and I am doing well enough to send home.  As long as I don’t screw it up by getting hurt, or getting a fever or something while I am in here.  I tell him I am ready to go home!  I call my mom and sister and update them with the news as well.

11:15: I call my dad and tell him that he has some work to do.  I am coming home Saturday.  They didn’t expect me to becoming home this weekend, maybe sometime next week, so they do have a number of things to do around the house to prep it and final cleaning.

12:00: Vitals and glucose check…

12:15: Lunch, oh joy, I am tired of this hospital food, Ensure is much better!

12:30: Back to my laptops and checking up on things.  Nothing really else exciting today, just work here and there.

4:15: Vitals and glucose check as normal.

4:30: Super, more yummy Ensure.

6:00: I move my laptops away and just relax and watch some TV.  My parents are not coming to visit because they have too much to do around the house.

11:59: Still watching TV, waiting for the vampire…


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