Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +11


12:15: The vampire, I mean nurse comes and takes a few more vials of blood for my daily blood test…

1:00: I finally drift off to sleep.

6:30: I am awake.

6:35: The nurse comes in and checks on me making her rounds.

7:45: Vitals, glucose test, the usual morning routine.  The nurse tells me they hear I am going home tomorrow, yup yup!

8:00: Breakfast is served.  I eat some of the real food, well its hospital food, if you want to call that real food, and drink my Ensure.

9:00: I am back on my computer working on a few things for work, getting back into somewhat of a routine.

10:00: Doc comes in and checks on me.  Everything is set for me to go home tomorrow.  The time can’t pass by fast enough!

10:15: Just watching TV and working on the computer.

11:45: Vitals and glucose check.

12:00: Lunch!  Some chicken, I pick at it, but end up just drinking my Ensure as it taste so much better at this point.

12:30: Yup you guessed it back to the TV and my computer.  Not too much to do when you are stuck in a 15×15 foot room with just a bed a chair and a tv.  Time can’t pass by quick enough, I wanna go home!

4:00: Vitals and glucose check.

4:30: Dinner, I pick at what they send, but again its hospital food, and at this point the hospital food, which the same menu is repeated each week, is getting very old.  The strawberry Ensure taste great!

10:00: My wife and dad change shifts.  My wife has work tomorrow, my dad doesn’t so he will be staying with me tonight and will be bringing me home when they release me tomorrow.

11:59: Another day gone, just waiting for the vampire…


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