Stem Cell Transplant: Day: -6


12:00: My 7/16 dose of Busulfex is hung from the pole and the line hooked up to my picc line and the pump turned on.

2:00: The nurse comes back in and removes the line hooked up to the picc line, my chemo is done.  I get comfy and start dozing off.

4:00: The nurse wakes me up, time for vitals.  He then makes me jump out of bed and onto the scale.  Then back in bed I go.

6:00: My mom calls in on her way to work, I talk to her briefly then up for a quick bathroom break.

6:10: My dad calls on his way to work, I am then laying back in bed and doze back off.

8:15: I am awakened by the nurse looking to take my vitals.  He takes my vitals and then grabs my food tray from outer room of my hotel room.  He asks me if I would like it warmed up, I tell him that I would, he brings the tray to the pantry and warms up my food and brings it back.  I split up my desk and let him put the food on the side closer to me.  I start eating.  Eggs, bacon, muffin, hash browns, and a fruit cup.

8:30: The nurse gives me my medicines while I am eating.

8:45; I finish eating.

9:00: I brush my teeth, and sit in the chair next to my window to do my workout.  I start with my upper body, and then I work out my lower body.

IMAG07269:30: I am done m work out.  I am moving around, throwing away the trash and just general small tasks around the hospital room.  I also update the board in my room with my weight, intake, days left, dose count, etc.

9:45: Dr. Safah and the fellow come in.  She asks how I am doing, and I am doing fine.  I tell her about my hiccups and she suggests putting me on Thorazine to clear up the hiccups.

9:55: Dr. Safah and the fellow leave.

10:00: I return to sitting up in bed and working on my two laptops.  I have a movie streaming on the left computer on net flix while continuing work on my right laptop.

11:30: My Zofran is hooked up to my saline drip line.

12:00 Lunch is here, oh joy!

12:10: My Busulfex is hooked up and the chemo line hooked up to my picc line.

12:30: My Decadron is hooked up and started dripping where my Zofran that has finished up was.

2:15: The Busulfex is done.  I hit the nurse button for the nurse to stop the beeping and come take the Busulfex off the pole and unhook it from me.

3:00: The nurse gets around to me and takes down my chemo and flushes the picc line.

3:30: I am on the phone with my wife who is at my office.  I step her through completely reinstalling Windows 7 on a computer.  The computer had a horrible virus, and there was not to much more I could do remotely that I haven’t already tried in my office, so the only other option was a complete reformat.  Can’t really reinstall windows remotely, now can you…

4:30: Dinner is served.  BBQ Chicken, Yellow Rice, Green Beans, and a Bun with Blackberry Cake.

IMAG07255:15: I am done with dinner.  I get up, throw away my tray, brush my teeth, and get back in bed and go back to work here and there on the computers remotely.

5:30: We finish up with the reinstall, I have my wife load up the remote software so that I can remote into the computer and we should be good to go.

6:00: My sister, Sarah, and my Mom and Dad arrive.  They brought me plenty of water for plenty of drinking and flushing my system.  I found having a big quarter of a cup to drink fluids out of along with a nice invention called Crystal Light, sure does help the fluids go down  alot easier and keep me hydrated.

7:00: My sister, mom, and dad head on out.  Just a quick visit today.  My wife is still hanging around, so I still have company.

7:30: I am on my computer, taking care of a few things for clients and my wife is just sitting in the room with me watching TV.

11:59: Another day has come to an end.  Tomorrow is just a minute away…


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