Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +8


12:00: Vitals again, 3 more tubes of blood 😛

12:10: Still watching TV.

2:00: Bed time I guess….

4:00: I am awaken, more vitals, some more medicine hung.

6:30: Oh joy, it’s that time of morning, no matter what, I am awake at this time.  Just the combination of the bed, being in the hospital and being awaken every few hours for something.

7:00: Dr. Miller is in to check on me.  Another beautiful morning.  She takes a listen to my chest as always, looks at my feet for swelling, and says she will be back later with the doctor.

7:30: Shift Change.

8:00: Vitals and Glucose check.

8:15: Breakfast, blah, not appetizing at all.  I’ll stick with my Ensure…

9:00: TV, and more laptop access.  Starting to check on things with work again…

9:30: My wife is off to her physical therapy appointment, I got this, just a 2 laptops and a computer to keep me busy…

10:00: The doctor comes in and checks on me.  Everything is looking good.  One day at a time.  He says he’ll see me tomorrow.

12:00: Vitals and Glucose check, oh joy!

12:30: Lunch, again Ensure it is.  It hurts too much to swallow the real food, and it hurts to swallow the Ensure as well, just not as bad as real food…

1:00: Back to working on my computers.  I setup my headset again so that I can start taking phone calls for Hands Free Help again…

4:00: Vitals and Glucose again…

4:30: Can you guess what time it is?  Supper time, yup, lol… Ensure again it is, liquid meals…

5:00: Done with the food.

5:30: My wife arrives back from her therapy and checking on the office for me and doing a few things there.

6:30: My parents arrive to visit.

7:30: Shift change!

8:00: Vitals and Glucose, oh joy!

9:00: My parents head on out.

9:30: I am done with the computers for today, I push them aside and just get comfy in bed.  I watch some TV and just relax…

11:59: Still relaxing, another day gone, oh joy!


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