Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +9


12:00: Can you guess what time it is?  Bloodwork time, fun fun!

12:15: I am tired actually.  I am going to turn in early tonight…

4:00: I am awaken for vitals, huh… ZzZzZz

6:30: Another night gone, another new day starting!

7:00: Dr. Miller is in to check on me…

7:30: Shift change.

8:00: Vitals and glucose.

8:30: Breakfast, Ensure again it is for me…

9:00: All done with Breakfast, back on my laptops.  I have the TV on as background noise, but mainly starting to gear back up to working on my laptops.

9:15: My wife heads out for more therapy, and to go to the office afterwards.

9:30: Doc comes in and checks on me again.  Everything is looking good.  He says he’ll see me again tomorrow.

12:00: Vitals and glucose check.

12:15: Lunch…  More ensure for me…

12:45: Back to the laptops

4:00: Vitals and glucose.

4:15: Another Ensure for supper.

5:30: My wife returns from the office.

6:00: My parents arrive.

7:00: We just talk, wondering when I am going to get out of here.

9:00: My parents head on out.  They are going to try to do a few more minor things around the house preparing it for my return.

10:00: Just watching TV.

11:59: Another day over…


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