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Chemo Day #6 + 5

10/6/2012: 10:40: I am sorta awake, my wife is up getting ready for work. 11:20: I finally get up and get out of bed.  I let Buster out. 11:30: My dad gets back from dropping off my wife at work, it turns out that her tire was flat.  I go outside and look at the

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Chemo Day #6 + 4

10/05/2012: 9:15: I wake up.  I know I gotta meet a new client to go over what IT equipment they need in the new restaurant they are opening soon. 9:20: I am up out of bed.  I am feeling a little nauseated, but work goes on. 9:25: I let Buster out, and get my clothes

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Chemo Day #6 + 3

10/4/2012: 10:30: I wake up, and I wake my wife up.  I have to get to my office to meet a client to give them a toner that they want to pick up.  My wife also has work for 11:00: 10:35: I let Buster out, and I go jump into the shower. 10:45: I jump

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Chemo Day #6 + 2

10/03/2012: 10:15: I am awaken by a phone call from a client who is having mouse issues.  The mouse is clicking everything or not clicking just right.  I ask the client to try changing the batteries on the mouse since it is a cordless mouse and to make sure that their cell phone is no

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Chemo Day #6 + 1

10/02/2012: 12:35: I get up out of bed.  Tired, but I also have to hit the bathroom from all those extra fluids. 12:45: I let Buster outside and watch him. 12:55: We come back inside and I warm myself up 2 pieces of bread pudding that my Aunt Estella had made over the weekend. 1:20:

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Chemo Day #6: ~~~~ 6 More to Go

10/01/2012: 9:45: I get a call from a client who is partnering with another client of mine to open up another restaurant.  He would like to go over a few things with me along with some quotes and prices for things needing to be done at the new location that is in the works.  I

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